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It’s become as traditional as catching a replay of Miracle on 34th Street on the television – these are the retailers who have released the best Christmas adverts for 2022 so far.

Merry 7 Christmas Adverts 2022

As the weeks start to get shorter and shorter before Christmas Day 2022, the wave of Christmas advertising starts to make its way to television sets and computer screens across the United Kingdom.  Though advertising and Christmas has gone hand in hand throughout the centuries, be it through print advertising or Facebook adverts, recent years have seen it become an artform almost as powerful and entertaining as the television shows or films they are squeezed between.

Merry 6 Christmas Adverts 2022

Some cite John Lewis as the forerunner in the “can’t miss” Christmas advertising game, with their 2007 “Shadow” advert showing people stacking items together in a plain white room with a shadow building on a wall. It was never clear what it was until a child runs in and throws glitter over the piece, bringing the picture to life.

Merry 5 Christmas Adverts 2022

So who have so far released their advertising campaigns for Christmas 2022? We take a look at the list of Christmas adverts currently gracing screens so far.

Merry 4 Christmas Adverts 2022

We start with the topic many water cooler dwellers are talking about; Will Ferrell’s appearance in Asda 2022 Christmas advert. Once more portraying the beloved character Buddy from Christmas hit Elf, the hapless Santa’s helper keeps going missing and is spotted trying to befriend the delivery drivers. Moments later, he sings loudly over the store’s Tannoy system.

Merry 3 Christmas Adverts 2022

Much like the festive classic, when the store closes, Buddy’s night begins and he gets involved in decorating the store with all things Christmas. The store colleague’s are over-the-moon with his work and he gets the job. A happy elf then runs out of the store and crashes into the same row of trolleys he did at the start. A bemused colleague smiles and the advert ends.

Marks and Spencer were the first retailer to release a Christmas advert for the 2022 season, featuring comedic legends Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. Dawn French returns as the fairy from last year’s award-winning campaign and is joined by Jennifer Saunders as her adorable new sidekick, Duckie, a much-loved and well-worn dog chew toy in M&S Food’s 2022 Christmas advertising campaign.

Merry 2 Christmas Adverts 2022

A spokesperson for Marks and Spencer said: “Viewers are sure to immediately recognise the voice of Duckie, as M&S reunites iconic duo French & Saunders on screen. The dynamic of the characters is sure to bring smiles across the UK, as Dawn French’s glamourous Fairy is joined by the voice of an exasperated and downtrodden Jennifer Saunders as Duckie the chew toy. Sure to bring even more joy, is the excitable dog Wylie… set to become a favourite on screens this Christmas.”

Morrisons have brought back Farmer Christmas for the second year running as it looks to showcase food, farmers and its own foodmakers at the heart of Christmas. The first of ten Christmas TV adverts to roll out in the run up to the festive celebrations, Farmer Christmas will be integrated throughout the entire campaign to highlight British farmers as the other heroes of Christmas and the work they do.

Merry 1 Christmas Adverts 2022

The Officially Approved By Farmer Christmas stamp will be seen throughout the festive campaign in store and across paid media in a bid to showcase the supermarket giants commitment to British farmers, its foodmakers and its Christmas products.

Lidl’s Christmas advert follows a bear, who accidentally stumbles upon a life of fortune and fame and get’s a bit too big for its Lidl boots. Viewers are left wondering whether the bear can find his way home and more importantly, find himself. From Tik-Tok tapes, holiday hits, and tabloid tattle – fame had got a Lidl too much for the bear and it was starting to forget its roots.
While nurturing a comedown on its private jet, Lidl bear looked up at the TV – it was its owner, the little girl, pleading: “Come home bear, come home.” The bear pushed aside its VIP-lifestyle and parachuted home, arriving just in time to surprise the little girl on Christmas day. The advert ends with the message, “Christmas day came with everything she could wish for… even a Lidl bear.”

Aldi decided to eschew the baubles and tinsel for a brilliant parody surrounding the FIFA World Cup 2022 taking place during the lead up to Christmas. Cue an impressive nod to Nike’s famous “samba ball” advert featuring the Brazil team, the puns come thick and fast with footballers such as “Marrowdonna” and “Beth Swede.”

Blink and you’ll miss it puns regarding Easyjet are among some of the easter eggs throughout this Christmas advert, culminating in a massive reference to Home Alone at the end.

Merry Christmas Adverts 2022

Boots unveiled its Christmas advert for 2022 featuring It’s a Sin star Lydia West. Set to the uplifting anthem by Hall & Oates, You Make My Dreams Come True, the advert is all about… glasses?
The 70-second advert starts with its protagonist on the bus finding a pair of glasses on her seat. When she puts them on, the world is instantly tinged with festivity. When looking at her work colleague, the room transforms into a massive bubble bath littered with dozens of candles. She quickly realises, the glasses let her see people’s true desires.

Sainsbury’s has released its Christmas advert for 2022 and it stars This Morning’s Allison Hammond and the voice of Stephen Fry. The advert is staged in an imaginary mediaeval setting where a countess, played by Allison Hammond, is brought a number of plates by the land’s hopeful chefs. Hammond is in charge of choosing the food for a festive banquet.

The countess has a distaste for Christmas pudding and makes her feeling’s known by blowing out the flaming pud sitting upon the cook’s plate. “Bring me something different, or else,” demands Hammond. The young cook goes back to the kitchen, where he works day and night to create the perfect pudding capable of winning over the stubborn countess.

But the silence is broken by an impressed countess who praises the pudding’s caramelised biscuit, announcing to the room: “That’s a bit of me.” What’s perhaps most striking though, is the mediaeval instrumental take on Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag that plods along in the background.
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