WASHINGTON: US Prez Joe Biden is entering a make-or-break weekend with his political future and legacy hanging on an interview and two public rallies through which he will try and disprove the growing belief nationwide that he is too old for a second stint in the White House.
Biden is sitting down for an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos in course of campaign events in Wisconsin on Friday night.The platform is expected to be fair but tough on the president, with direct questions about his age and mental acuity. Any flubs at the events could close the door on the prez's bid for a second term, with many Democratic operatives critical of his insistence on staying in the race already leaning against it.
Events on Thursday in the run-up to the interview were not encouraging for the Biden camp. The 81-year old prez (he will be 82 on Nov 20) misspoke badly in a radio interview where he struggled to find words, at one point saying he was proud to have been "the first black woman to serve with a black president". He evidently mixed up his time as Obama's vice-president and Kamala Harris' vice-presidency under him.
At a separate Fourth of July White House event, Biden began talking about his predecessor not honouring military veterans, referring to Trump as "one of our colleagues, the former president" before lamely veering off with, "probably shouldn't say, at any rate" and moving on to other matters.
He also continued to undercut his own case by telling Democratic governors at a White House meeting that he needs to sleep more and not work after 8 pm, which raised eyebrows in the current situation. Even a joke to the governors - "I'm fine - I don't know about my brain, though" - caused some supporters to grind their teeth.
There is growing fear in the party that he can't take on the role and should quit the race. There are reports in the mainstream media about fat-cat donors holding their money from the Biden campaign to redirect it to a potential replacement, with vice-president Kamala Harris at the top of the list.

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