What Is Puppy Yoga? Discover A Playful Way To Improve Your Mental Well-Being

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A delightful trend is taking social media by storm—puppy yoga. This adorable activity involves yoga sessions where participants exercise with puppies freely roaming around. These sessions are usually prepaid and have limited seating, making them an highly sought-after experience for animals lovers to create memorable moments with their beloved pets.   Is puppy yoga therapeutic?  … Read more

Accident or Conspiracy Godhra Review: सच और झूठ का पर्दा हटाती रणवीर शौरी की ये फिल्म

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गोधरा कांड पर एक फिल्म बनाई गई है, जिसका नाम है ‘एक्सीडेंट ऑर कांस्पीरेसी गोधरा’. यह फिल्म आज (19 जुलाई) सिनेमाघरों में रिलीज हो गई है. मेकर्स ने गोधरा कांड पर एक अच्छी फिल्म बनाई है, जहां उन्होंने यह बताने की कोशिश की है कि यह एक हादसा था या फिर इसे साजिश के तहत … Read more

CI: ‘Scot Govt will land itself in court over new conversion practices law’


The Scottish Government faces a legal battle in its controversial bid to outlaw so-called conversion practices, The Christian Institute has warned. As the public consultation on the plans closed, Institute Public Affairs Officer Joanna Cook said the new law risks criminalising churches and parents and reiterated an earlier threat of court action. The SNP/Green coalition … Read more

Biden campaign chair says he’s staying in the race despite ‘slippage’ in support – National

Biden slippage

President Joe Biden’s campaign is insisting anew that he is not stepping aside as he faces the stark reality that many Democrats at the highest levels want him to bow out of the 2024 election to make way for a new nominee and try to prevent widespread party losses in November. Isolated as he battles … Read more

Donald Trump urges unity in RNC speech, but sticks to populist message – National

Trump RNC stage

Donald Trump, somber and bandaged, accepted the GOP presidential nomination on Thursday at the Republican National Convention in a speech that described in detail the assassination attempt that could have ended his life just five days earlier before laying out a sweeping populist agenda, particularly on immigration. The 78-year-old former president, known best for his … Read more

Resistance Bands Vs Weights, Which Is More Beneficial In Workouts And Why?

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When it comes to strength training, fitness enthusiasts often find themselves choosing between resistance bands and weights. Each has its own advantages and can be tailored to meet various fitness goals. Here, we explore the benefits of both to determine which might be more beneficial for you. Resistance bands Resistance bands are versatile, portable, and … Read more

Summer’s hottest accessory? Trump-inspired ear bandages take over RNC – National

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Donald Trump can now add “fashion influencer” to his resume, apparently. The former president, while not particularly known for being a snazzy dresserbecame a trendsetter at this week’s Republican National Convention (RNC) as delegates and attendees raced to copy Trump’s timely and unique accessory — the large, white bandage he’s been wearing on the right … Read more

Want To Look Slimmer? Prepare This Fat-Burning Drink At Home

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Achieving weight loss goals requires dedication, regardless of the season. While a balanced diet and regular exercise are crucial, certain drinks can also support your weight loss journey by keeping you hydrated and cool. Gut microbiome shares a simple yet effective fat-burning drink for those looking to shed excess fat. This nutrient-packed beverage is easy … Read more

BCCI monitoring off-duty India internationals’ availability in domestic circuit | Cricket News

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“The BCCI will continue to monitor player availability and participation in the upcoming domestic cricket season, 2024-25.” This statement included in the BCCI press release on Thursday, which announced India’s T20I and ODI squads for the tour of Sri Lanka, is a clear message to India internationals to remain available for competitions in the domestic … Read more

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